Flexible Homes: The Need of the New Normal

By : Vario Homes
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Ever since the year 2020 started, our relationships with our homes have transformed. Almost every part of our life now revolves around our homes- from working to working out. Home is not just a place to sleep in and a roof above our heads anymore. We use the same space to exercise, work, and unwind – and it is expected to be the new normal for all of us. Our homes need to transform for work sessions, movie screenings, and get-togethers.

In such a scenario, imagine living in a home that can be transformed as per your needs. Sounds cool, right? Flexible homes are a blessing! But before we get to the benefits of owning a flexible home. Let us understand what a flexible home is.

Flexible homes have a movable wall between two or three rooms. This wall can be easily opened or closed as per requirement. This allows an otherwise underutilised guest bedroom to be utilised for other everyday uses.

A flexible home can turn an ordinary lifestyle into an envious one. Below are some of the ways in which you can utilise your flexible homes to live an active lifestyle:

• Private home office

With family members and kids going about their day as they would, it might be a little cumbersome to work from home. With all sorts of distractions around you, having a peaceful workspace at home might seem like a far-fetched dream. But not anymore!
A flexible home enables you to create a quiet corner for yourself to focus on your work or even create a spacious area for your home office or meeting sessions.

• Home Theatre

Going to the mall or theatre might not be a wise decision right now. By opening up the Flexi walls, you can create a spacious area and assemble a home-theatre-like setup for a movie night! Add a bucket of steaming popcorn, and you will never miss multiplexes again.

• Home Gym

Gym lovers or fitness enthusiasts, by now, all of us have brought our workouts back home. Do you and your partner work out together? If so, then living in a flexible home would be a great plus for you! Open up the movable walls and create a comfortable home gym to work out together.

• House Party

Missing get-togethers with your friends and extended family a little too much? Don’t worry! By opening up the movable walls, you can create a grand living area for a safe gala time at home with your friends. Thus, having flexible homes offer a plethora of possibilities for you to live a vibrant life.

Flexible homes are going to be the need of today’s lifestyle & of the future. We need spaces that embrace our needs with beauty and grace, and that is precisely what Vario Homes brings to the table. Progressive Layouts is a trademark feature of Vario Homes. There is an L-shaped movable wall between the living room, guest bedroom and dining room, which can be easily opened or closed. This allows you to keep pace with your ever-changing needs, enabling you to decide how your home-space should look like and when.

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1. What are the perks of living in flexible housing?

Today, there is a significant requirement of having a space that serves various purposes like small celebrations, binge nights, house parties & more. The flexible home designis one of the greatest needs of the hour as it gives you the freedom to keep your customized as per your desires. For work-from-home scenarios, this acts as a separate workplace to attend your unavoidable meetings.

2. Why do we need to consider flexibility in designing a home?

The flexible home design benefits you in various ways. Right from providing you an extra room for your various chores to bringing you a larger space at the times of celebrations & special moments. The flexible housing architecture has come a long way & it is preferred by various modern professionals as a modern upgrade to their lifestyles.