5 Beautiful Aspects of Living Near a Lake

By : Vario Homes
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Having a home close to a water body is not only prestigious but also quite advantageous to health. Water is known to have therapeutic benefits as our bodies (made up of 70 % water) have an intrinsic connection with this life-giving force and triggers positive responses in our brains! Water has a soothing effect on the mind, acting as a relaxing as well as an energizing agent.

Another main reason why most clients prefer a residence that overlooks the sea, a river or a lake, apart from the health benefits, is the stunning views that these properties provide every day! Here are 5 beautiful aspects of living near a lake that will surely have you checking out waterfront properties.

1. Lots of natural light

Living near a lake will not only give you some beautiful vistas to gaze at but will also take care of your Vitamin D requirement! A waterbody-facing property allows sunlight to enter the homes and provide ample light all throughout the day.

2. Fresh air

Fresh air coming over from the lake can be an excellent rejuvenator. Negative ions, produced in abundance near water bodies, help our body absorb oxygen, combat free radicals, improves alertness and also balances serotonin levels (a hormone that helps relieve stress and improves mood).

3. Peaceful environment

The sound of the water lapping on the lake can be very relaxing. It’s something that drifts your mind away from the noise and chaos of the city. A great motivator for creativity & productivity in your work!

4. Stress buster

Water is known to be a great stress buster. ‘Blue mind’ research done by Dr Wallace Nichols, says that staying near water can make you happier, more connected and better at your job!

5. Better health

Living near a lake means that you will be less stressed, which means an improved immune system and better health all around!

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