Spruce Up your Home with 2020’s Summer Decor Trends

By : Vario Homes
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Since we’re spending more and more time at home, it’s a good idea to revisit your living space and think of creative new ways to give it a makeover. As luck would have it, each season ushers in a fresh wave of trending styles, so you can find just the inspiration you need to indulge your new redecorating hobby.

We highlight the key décor trends of 2020 which you can incorporate to make your home a space that sparks solace, joy and beauty.

1. Earthy Textures

Knitted throws, cosy cushions, furry rugs, and quilted blankets can make your interiors feel snuggly, warm and inviting. Choose a colour palette that’s light, muted and organic to really bring out a homely touch. This style focuses on raw textures, decorative finishes and artisanal handicrafts.

2. Patterns & Prints

Bright, vivid patterns and bold hues can really imbue any space with energy and make it come alive. This especially works when you feel unmotivated and distanced. You can play up the colours in your home with new framed paintings, cushions, duvet covers and bed spreads.

3. Deep Jewel Tones

Rich velvet, suede or leather sofas in ruby reds, royal blues and yellow ochre can make an opulent statement in any home. You can frame your windows using luxurious curtains, decorated with piping and tassels. Make your home a place where you can feel like royalty.

4. Burnished Accents

Invest in side tables, cabinets and cocktail trolleys built in deep ebony or walnut polishes with hints of gleaming gold, brass, bronze, copper, steel or glass. Smooth, swirling marble cladding can give an edgy yet sophisticated look to your home.

These spring/summer décor themes are sure to keep you busy with ideas for your apartment. On the other hand, if you’re looking to buy a new home, check out Vario Homes at Karle Town Centre. This new-age residence offers flexi-wall, customisable 2 BHK apartments in Hebbal, North Bangalore.



1) How can you make your house look more attractive?

To make your home look more attractive, you can try out various summer home decor trends. Some of these summer interior design trends are using earthy textures like aesthetic colors & artifacts. Also, the patterns & prints look very stunning when matched with a combination of colors that you love.

2) Why is it important to decorate your home?

Decorating your home is one of the clearest signs of portraying your love for your home. By using some of the best summer home decor trends, one can bring the best out of the interiors & color of the apartment. This makes your home look elegant and emits a positive & artistic vibe to the onlookers.