The Perfect Home for Lifestyle Couples

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You’re married! The adventure has begun.

The first few years of marriage involve building and strengthening your new union. It can be an exhilarating time as new couples experience their “firsts” together i.e. – throwing their first dinner party, getting their first pet together, celebrating first romantic date-nights at home and even filing their first joint tax return.

Newly-married lifestyle couples share a love for good food, fitness, have friends over or just enjoy time alone with hobbies. Their living space should be as flexible as their changing lifestyle! The modern lifestyle is not a one-size-fits-all and each of us craves a space that reflects our unique identity. That’s why Vario Homes offer versatile living spaces that feature contemporary designs and can adapt to our changing needs.

The flexi-wall homes here feature retractable L-shaped walls located between the living room, guest room, and dining room so that you can create space as you need. Here’s why our progressive layouts add balance to every lifestyle-couples’ lives.

1. Throw a house party

Cook indulgent food and have friends over! Our progressive layout lets you create a larger space for house-parties. With our open architecture, your friends can enjoy the big-screen TV while chatting with you at the kitchen counter.

2. Practice home work-outs

Stay fit and share your love by creating a home-gym/yoga area. Chalk out a workout routine with your better half indulge in your love for fitness together. It helps both to stay motivated knowing that your partner is in it with you.

3. Share your hobbies

Are you into arts and craft while your partner likes to play a musical instrument? Create a space to tune into your passions whether it be a crafty hobby or something that you both can try together like a jamming session.

4. Netflix and chill

Literally! If you are one of those snuggly couples who loves to curl up on a couch and watch Netflix, create a space to indulge in your favourite way to unwind. You can stay up as late as you want or until one of you falls asleep.

5. Enjoy solo time

Just like any healthy relationship, you need your space and you can create the perfect space for you to unwind in a separate room. Some alone time throughout the day helps you unwind independently before you’re ready to spend quality time together.

Flexible walls are versatile and are great for creating private spaces as well as allowing open layouts that visually enhance the interiors. Whatever your lifestyle may be, the flexi-walls let you explore your unique lifestyle needs.

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